Thursday, 26 September 2013

Reflections on Outdoor Training

 So, as summer is drawing to an end I thought it would be useful to look on some of the basic fitness workouts that I had indulged in, as most of my Finger Pointing articles have been based on Solo Training in Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine. But first a quick thank you to you for reading what I share, it means a lot so thank you. Putting the summer night Mosquito attacks to one side [laughs] I have had some good short workouts that I have added when pressed for time. Just little young me and a field, a place in nature with peace and quiet.
 After running to my secret training location, or one of them I would stretch do some kicks and punches or Kata. Then I would work on some rolls that I found great fun and I maybe looked insane to passers by. What was nice was the children playing on the parks who would stop and look at me doing the martial arts moves and they seemed to enjoy this strange man kicking the football posts and holding a crab arched pose... I hope to have at least inspired them to get involved, or pester mom and dad to take them :)
 Tea is made, I found working on my own I could gain some clarity of mind and spirit, joggers on and improved my rolls to a degree. On my travels I found a football post to condition my arms on and do pull ups of all kinds on, and no matter how you do it that exercise is always a challenge. With all the space available to me I worked on some spinning kicks and other body weight calisthenics...and came up with my own 100 push or press up routine - acend2decend.
 20 on knees, 20 standard, 20 feet elevated, then reverse, 20 standard, 20 on knees. What a nice burn out! But the best thing for me was my discovery of working my abs on a hill. Basically crunches facing up and leg raises facing down. incline my decline! The natural gravity was the equivalent of an ab board but with no ab board! It was great, I loved every minute of it and it never took as long or as many reps to burn them out and roll over crying.

Above all, it's them little times where you can work things out by yourself and you just feel young at heart out and about. Plus I felt like I had one up on the world, as most 34 year olds would be with family or in the gym. I can do all everyday things but I also choose to preserve myself, well at least keep the blood moving. Although I will still train in the winter conditions summer is summer. For some I may come across as a single minded fanatic lol but I love to chill out and do nothing too. To be fair there is nothing wrong with gyms as long as you put in the work there alone or with a friend, I have showed you what you can get up to so the rest as they say is up to you. I have not got the best body but I am fit enough for life and I will be fit enough for my Son. Tennis, basketball they are great activities. Even play football...that's a thought...I had the whole pitch to myself, does that mean I scared them off?
Until next time, take care and I hope you take a little bit of use from what I have to share.
- Duane.