Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Wisdom with age?

When we are young we seem  to recover almost right away, but how about over your twenties? At times we view food as an aid to gaining or putting on weight, but recently I have noticed some of my own personal changes. Of course this relates to maybe your work life not just working out. Rest is important.

Nutrition is the vital components your body needs to function. I have just taken some chewable multi vitamins and some Glucosamine Sulphate for the joints. This is very important to the martial artists, to help the hips out. I found after been busy in the home and not eating the right foods for a while and not stretching as much I felt terrible, almost like I aged over night. The body gets used to its outlet, so if you suddenly stop your activity for too long you may suffer. Doing too much will be the same also. I feel great as it goes, just done my training and have good nutriments inside and if there is not any truth in it well at least the piece of mind is peaced. Enjoy all parts of life, just be sensible that's the way I'd say. No self burdens, just a bit of research. Drink some water every day, as that is mostly what we are.

Keep the blood flowing and the oxygen circulation, don't do too much and don't do too less.


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