Friday, 1 February 2013

Don't be a January Warrior

The world is full of enthusiastic fitness wannabes this time of year after the festive season. This is also a hang on of extremities, for we spoil ourselves and then kid our selves we will get a grip come January. Add to this the bad weather we whether and most of you will have not touched a drink as yet. This is what I see..
It won't last.
Why? Because it's a yearly repeated phase. Many do so well and become fit but they hit it too dedicated and within a few weeks they give back in the their comfort vices. It's natural, but I advise this..
It has to be a gentle lifestyle change, new years resolutions are only a repeated trap for some. Others do well with it, but come Feb people like to socialize again and feel human and not live like a caveman or woman. You owe it to yourself not to be fickle. 
Look at what you eat to much of and minimize it, but still have smaller quantities. Next step is exercise that you enjoy but not working out everyday, maybe 2-4 times a week?
Don't become a victim of the January cycle, break the mold and stand free for you are alive. If you never workout then starting it will work, if you have never cut down on junk food, then doing this will help. So combine the two, not been extreme pushing the training to hard or feeling you have to kill yourself everyday as life requires energy else where also.
Treat January as the first month of your new birth as a new you but progress in a way that keeps you on track and not off it, watching the train of February roll by.