Monday, 29 March 2010

2010 Chinese Year Of The Tiger...& Cynthia Rothrock Tribute week on FaceBook!

'Hello to all who may be reading my blog, sorry I know it's been a while. Right then, time to ramble-:)'

As you now know it is the year of the Tiger. A Tiger is fierce and bold. It is a hunter and yet is a beautiful sight. I believe this is how we should attack life, to remain true to who we are and fight to the bitter end so to full fill our own survivals in the jungles of life. The Tiger represents strength and also shadows a more vulnerable side. Kung Fu systems such as Hun Gar use Tiger movements and I really love training the Tiger claw, although I'd love to learn Hun Gar form properly. Sadly the Tiger is also the hunted, as many of our earth animals. So, we learn another stealth method from Mr Tiger...'Be heard and not seen,be seen and not heard'

And last but not least, I am proud to share some of my idols and inspirations from martial arts cinema, the Lady Tigress herself Cynthia Rothrock! Her entire achievements represent the Tiger Spirit and she has never been equaled. On my face book page i will post some movie trailers and clips for her fans and I thank Cynthia for her blessing and for being a light in the Dark.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, there will be more stories on the way too!

'Train hard and take care'
'Everything is nothing & Nothing is everything'


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