Thursday, 10 September 2009

Rory 'Spock' Galligher

This blog entry is dedicated to my old class mate Rory.
Myself and other school friends recently heard the sad news of the passing of 'Spock' as he was known in our school days. Although I don't feel the authority to state too much since we left school, I feel it is only right that I share some of my feelings about this young man.
Rory, to me was always 'gutsy' in the fact that he would always defend himself in his own cheeky way, I always remember the time outside the shop when he tried to push me when I wasn't looking and ran off, I would have tried chasing him if it were not for the fact that i was trying to stay on my bike lol. Looking back now as an adult I can see how intelligent Rory was in class too, he was often over looked and over shadowed, but he always seemed to put his hand up to answer a question. He also had a quiet wit about him and his appearance masked who he really was. I often wonder if any of us knew him at all, let alone try to?
'Spock' was one of the most popular people in our year because he had a feature. 'Dent head' is what we all called him after his first nick name. Rory himself would always say 'Yeah I'm a dent head.' how humble was this really yet people took this as weakness, me included. He had more charisma than the popular lads, he was a one off. On top of this I would class Rory as one of the toughest kids around, he endured abuse to a degree but would keep coming back. He was resilient and brave.
Above all this, I don't think I ever seen Rory set out to upset someone either despite living in daily upset himself. He kept a very small circle of friends, and at times it seemed that Rory controlled his tormentors and not the other way round.
'At the time of you passing, you feel closer to us all, funny have had the last laugh my friend.'
'Be lucky.'
Duane 'the pain'

'Kicking Your Own Butt!'

'I kick my own butt a lot?!'
When I train martial arts it is to keep myself in check, not to be aggressive or a 'fighter'. I am not any, although the human structure allows for a temper and a mentoring campassion. Really though life is all about facing your fears, fear controls us. I myself have many demons to overcome and this makes my journey even more exciting and terrifying. Just think now to your self of how many times you have been upset about a fear that keeps holding you back? I'm just riddled with them lol. This is being human and normal. I always try to remember that famous saying from god knows...
'The difference between the hero and the coward is that the hero feels the fear and goes ahead regardless.'
What ever you are involved in at this time, without realising it you are fighting your self. You may be doing something not so good to your body or you may be starting a new job and are really nervous, either way you are kicking your own butt.
Just make sure it's for the better because you only have one bottom!!

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