Thursday, 28 May 2009

Broken Words

Always take care when speaking to others, good words can open different things for you. Broken words can destroy someones dreams...

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Emil Martirossian

Here is an embodiment of the human spirit. Emil is to me, one of the worlds greatest living Martial Artists today. His speed, power and focus are the result of hard sacrificial training. His own way of the arts is Jeet Kune Do's future, Emil is a kind sharing person who is the most humbling person I've ever come across. He is very dedicated towards improving others and is never satisfied with his own ability's and furthers his skills to a even higher level. They advance past the physical and realm into the spiritual and inner conquests of the internal space within. He exists in this world and in a soulful world that can only be felt by the very people he comes into contact with. This is how he improves others. He touches people. People are drawn to him. Everybody is great because there is only one of a certain individual. Emil has managed to project his freedom of love in a transitional approach which in turn creates a honest Martial Artist. To be who you are is to be honest and free, Emil has helped countless others and me.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Enter Don 'The Dragon' Wilson!

To me he was the greatest kickboxer of all time. I still watch all his films, and recently his fights on YouTube. His style was non flashy but productive and I'm trying some of his tactics out for myself with success! I love the way he would lure in his opponents, by taking a few shots on his arms then suddenly ...counter!
And not to mention in the 90's when he came from retirement to win again! He is a inspiration for all martial artists either kick boxers or Karate men.
As I mature I now find that Don Wilson's patient style works well for me now too instead of just rushing in to prove my speed.
Thanks for being an idol, then & now!

Cynthia Rothrock!

Growing up in the 80's was a magical time. As I discovered my love for martial arts as the 90's rolled up I would always watch films like China o Brien. Cynthia Rothrock is a rock for young inspired females and males to begin their martial arts journeys. The thing to bear in mind here is that these talented martial artists had there fair share of struggles and martial art teaches one to fight through the difficult times. Cynthia Rothrock has the toughness and excellent skills, I have not seen her matched today, I class this lady as the worlds greatest kicker along side Super foot wallece.
Thank's for the childhood inspiration!