Friday, 6 February 2009

Feel Free

Do you worry about what people think of you? Are you already editing the response from within your depths just to keep others happy? This is a natural trait as fear keeps us locked into our selves, and spawns darkness. Some people say what they feel, this is good, then at times maybe bad. I'm trying to find the mid range button and accepting that you cant please everyone, there will always be some one who cant warm to you. This works with you too. We are we, you are you. That is the bottom line, where the buck stops despite how you feel of how others may misinterpret you. We are free, I feel anyway even though at times we feel trapped. We can touch the sky and spread out. We are not fighting in the war of suffering to extremes. We can listen to what we choose and go most places in basic format. We have freedom of speech and our own lovely personalities.
Muhammad Ali once said, 'Me...We!