Friday, 30 January 2009

The Martial Artist!

The martial artist is never satisfied with his results so far. He/She can always do better for ones self than bettering others. They read about origins and training tips that can help build them a better mind, body and spirit. Their thirst for knowledge and the ultimate satisfaction that they can protect their only life is a great feeling, they want to be free. Just like a wild animal their skills and instincts are honed to pin point focus and their bodies become what they so solemnly practice. For some it may be lonely, for others a meeting of people. They retain humble and humility, they wont boast or bully for they know better. Above all they know that it is just an art form of human expression but with much discipline. They are not better than anyone or below anybody. They just are.

Darrells Dream Part 1 of 2

He had had this reoccurring dream so often now it was like an every day truth. He would wake up and check the clock, it was 3:30am. He would venture out wearing only his brown slippers, red pajamas and blue dressing robe. Up and down the streets lay empty and snow had settled like an invisible visitor. The street lamps seems to light the way for Darrell to follow, he was following his subconscious sleep self. He could hear the birds communicating with each other from the bare trees, yet birds were out of sight. Why is that? A faded breeze seemed to find its way to make Darrell colder, but he walked on. He felt like the only one on the earth, even though he concealed a sense of loneliness, there was nobody who could hurt him. Was there? He was curious to why he was here. This felt like his own time, if only life in the woken world would allow this much freedom...

Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Phoenix Eye

At present, I have been practising Kung Fu's Phoenix Eye. I'll not go into detail as it is very dangerous to the unsupervised. It is for attacking soft tissue areas to limbs and nerves, and I feel it is true empty hand combat at its peak. It is almost as if you have a weapon all of a sudden without really having one. Conditioning is a must like you can see from the photo, conditioning in its self can be a form of anything in which serves you stronger in any area of your life, not just martial arts.

Friday, 9 January 2009

White Crane Fist Style

I'm enjoying my introduction into The White Crane System in Kung Fu, taught to me by Sifu WushuRichard on YouTube in China. The art suits me well as I am thin and fast, and I'm unearthing the over looked truths to this gentle yet yielding and effective style. I wont share to much here because I'm still a student and always will be, but to put it bluntly it can face off against most attacks I'd say being similar to Wing Chun & Preying Mantis. Slowly I am returning back to the self, my true self. He has being lost for a while with only his mind lingering. I love the martial arts and the nice people involved in it. Without it I wonder who I'd actually be without it?

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Black Skies

It lurks within us all. The shadow self which feeds on insecurities and grows stronger by our self doubts. With the right faith, information and courage, we can light up our lives. We can be who we want to be, choose to be. We all feel trapped at times, my martial arts has helped light my darkest rooms. How? Well, I've forgave myself many times over and others, then cleaned up my diet and cleansed my body through breathing exercises and training. Mental training has to go hand in hand with the psyical so the third eye can see far from now. I build a newer armour, not for show but for know.