Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Enter The New Year!

It's the time to reflect on what you achieved in 2008, and what maybe you did not. That's fine, it's life and we just have to make the best of now. So here are my goals for 2009 (not resolutions)
Train my writing craft for the future.
cherish my family more than ever before (friends too)
Fitness, running, skipping.
More flexibility for my martial arts training.
Continue my Kung Fu and Karate training.
Weapons improvements, Nunchakus/staff (bo)/Escrima/Sai's
Basically total body conditioning so I am fit for my life ahead.
Whatever you have as goals or aims in 2009, just build a bit at a time and you will soon have your castle. Be patient with your self but disciplined, nature takes time to shed skins so your armour will be tougher than before. Then you may sit here this time next year and smile.
Happy new year!

Monday, 22 December 2008

I have an insecure jealous side?

I thought I was wiser with age, that the Scorpio in me was tamed. I understand now that like the moon resting along the current of the river, it can become bumpy and settle once more. I accept my flaws and get over my resent of these powerful feelings that hound me. I protect myself and fear hurt and rejection, I need to roll with the punches more and just grow up.
I find peace and inner solace in helping others, I'm a listener and a giver. I enjoy having fun and being silly. I look at life through my eyes, and now I understand that whether good or bad that I feel and experience...I am me through and through.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Spiritual feelings...a third eye?

I wonder if they can feel what I feel when I'm thinking my thoughts? I doubt it, not the shallow ones who are loud and arrogant. I have a deep thinking nature and I enjoy meeting people along the same plane of thought. Respectful, thoughtful and fun. You can't beat just been plain daft, but you must possess the humour to go there...the third eye. We exist in space, where time is here and not. We take everything for granted, me included. I have always had a way in which I cant seem to relate to people who have no imagination, I call these people Goonies. The Goonies are not below me or me above them and I'm wrong in labelling them like this, but interacting with some people you feel like your the only one until you click with other people and then get on wicked. The trees, sky, and birds are watching us...dare you watch them back, dare you feel the wind from the mountains where the Falcon soars? Dare you just have the courage to be yourself? Me too, I'm trying to become braver every day...wish me luck.

Mickey Finn & his amazing friends

My choice of music is varied. I feel a sense of passion as I relate to 60's-70's and 80's, with hip hop playing a huge part of my being. I respect the art form of creative craft, but nothing compares to my childhood of growing up in the 90's. For that I'd like to thank D.J Mickey Finn, plus countless others. My reason is this-
Growing up with my close friends was a roller coaster due to family troubles and the easy thing to do was just pop on your headphones and escape. We would collect flyer's from M.C Lenni and buy tapes from the raves with our paper money, Sir Michael of the Finns was our favourite D.J. He always ripped it up and put a smile on your face, so as time moves on I am older and still pleased to see my idols still 'killing it' Fantazia NYE will be great, Mickey's there at the Que Club. I often wonder though, behind the cheering clouds and the feeling of fun, do the D.J's actually know that they may have just saved a child's life?

Saturday, 13 December 2008

The worker at midnight

He glares into his PC monitor, eyes red and tired. He gives his all and fights through the lethargy that is pulling his last reserves of the imagination from him. He needs to do this, for a better future...because it's who he is. It's tough and sometimes the ideas are distantly extinct like a fossils slowly unearthing deep inside the writers mind. He views things as a people watcher, logging and always observing. He is silently nosey and at the same time respectful, he loses his ego to become a transport sponge so to carry his characters to his novel, or story. He writes in his blog questioning if anyone really cars or reads his work. It's good for him, self therapy. The journal keeps him venting and learning, past the iron gates of dimness he searches for a brighter tomorrow and survives outside of time and people. He walks among them but never really feels with them. Why is this? He is lazy but hard working. Another cup of tea passes his dry lips and tastes like luxury, caffeine fuels his journey into the midnight hour. His fingers begin to ache as he types what shoots through his mind, thoughts from anywhere speeding past like a runaway train. It's easier to write in the dark.
I can pluck the concepts more easily now, I check the time on the bottom right hand corner of my monitor.
it's 12:00.

When things go wrong

Lately things have gone wrong. Even though some of them are minor I still get mad and moan about them, giving my worries over to negative energy. This in turn drains me and makes me unbearable to be around. So I take a moment to breath the life force around my veins, my state settles and my training serves me eventually. I have a long way to go before I'm where I want, I must accept there's life and life is here to test us all. I look at the poorly people on the news and realise over my ignorance that all my worries are invisible to the matter. Now when I lose something or something breaks, I will try my best to accept the occurrence and deal with the situation in the calmest possible way. If only I wasn't human!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Winter Darts Training, I'm ready!

I'm looking forwards to breaking up and having the 'break'. Well my break will be like any ones...enjoying films, food n drink, family friends...and hard training! I have chance to catch up with my Karate Kata's and Kung Fu. I'll run up hills, stretch and perform calisthenics. Ill squeeze out isometrics and perform dynamic tension until my body looks and feels better. I'll relax with some 80's films. And...who knows!!!


'Me and you against the world.
Us vs them.
We will love each other till are last days on earth.
After our life, we as angels will go on.
Like doves we will fly together.
I'm so happy to have you in my life.

I Love You...

'I mean it so I say it, not always.
I act first and regret later.
I am full on, my passion is too much.
I am distant but close.
I am cold but loving.
I make you laugh, and cry.
I keep messing up only to say sorry.
I think I'm the best, but fail to ever be perfect.
I'm complex but simple.
I love you, that's for sure.'

Sunday, 7 December 2008

She Loves Me

She looks me in the eye like no other has ever done before.
I feel her radiant respect for my well being.
I shudder at her very touch and smell, and marvel at her beauty.
She knows me so well, better than I thought.
She puts her self out for me and accepts me for who I am.
I improve under her love for me.
I want to look after her forever and protect her from the storms.
I honour her life and the joy it has brought me.
We stand alone in this busy world.
She completes my life line and helps me become a father, lover and husband.
I'm luckier than a lucky man.
I don't deserve such a lady.
I need to try more.
I love you.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Way Of Life

I was watching a programme about the monks at the Shoalin Temple yesterday. What really stood out to me was not their years of accumulated psycho training, but their dedication, patience and focus. Developing these qualities will help us all to become better people. It does'nt matter what we are involved in, it's the way we conduct ourselves in society. Meeting new people you can make a good impression because it's human nature for others to judge and make their own minds up about you, wrong or right. But, only you know you, you owe yourself so much respect it's silly. By respecting yourself and then others, you will come across people with the same thoughts or interests. This is called bonding (making friends). I know the shoalin monks have all their waking lives to train and improve, but so do we. The only difference is that our lifestyle doesn't consist of a huge temple in which to practice. But it does if we treat ourselves as the temple...

Monday, 1 December 2008

Getting back into shape

You've had it with trying to be tough and brave, struggling to cut out the 'bad foods'? Finding it difficult with motivation or time to exercise? Solution to the first half is quite simply this...
1) Have a little of what you want, but not to much. Adjust the balance and you will enjoy your food without putting pressure on yourself.
2) Just a little activity which doesn't need to be athlete level and moderate eating will keep the fat monster at bay, and help you to breath better too.
Eat small regular meals, mainly of the good things which you already know. But have what you want also but don't make them the bulk of your intake. (I love cookies)
Take a walk, stairs instead of the lift. Don't be lazy, park your car further away too. When waiting for the kettle to boil slowly press your self up and down on the kitchen side like a push up-aim for 10. When the breaks come on your soaps just raise your knees to your chest-aim for 10.
This is just a basic start for people who are really struggling with weight issues. Some of you may already be fit. The only thing to bear in mind here is that if you don't make the change now...who will?
Also, deep breathing can help too.
Until next time - peace.